Jumat, 18 November 2011

healthy food and drug

this time we will discuss about the health of food with the drug. Comprehension and understanding of the utilization of health food originally intended for the prevention of various degenerative diseases and increase endurance. However, recent trends, the role of nutrition is very important in the healing process and recovery of disease, and is used as a complementary medical treatment appropriate professional standards.

Health food needed by those who are in healthy condition to maintain their health status, as well as those who began to feel her less fit to improve the condition of the body and helps the recovery process.

So what exactly is the difference between health food and medicine? What was the role of health food in the cure of disease when taken with drugs given by doctors?

Health Food:

     Complement of nutrients, boost the immune system, antioxidants and regenerate cells in healthy people. For patients with diseases play a role in supporting and assisting the drug to help the healing process.
     The reaction is relatively slow.
     Dose / dose can be increased according to body condition and without side effects.
     Can be combined with other drugs, but the gift are spaced about 30 minutes.
     Does not contain addictive substances.
     The main ingredient comes from the natural nutrients or nongizi.

While the drug:

     Reserved for the sick for healing treatment of certain diseases.
     Rapid reaction.
     Certain dose with a limited period, if the excess can be toxic (poisoning).
     It is advisable to be careful with a mixture of other drugs and can interact negatively.
     Can be addictive (addicted) to certain drugs.
     The main ingredient derived from synthetic chemicals.
so that I can give, may be useful ..

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