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Bad Effects of Excessive Alcohol Consumption in Women

Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can make an impact not only bad for the health of a man, but it also gives negative effects on a woman. Bad effects of excessive alcohol consumption by women have even worse consequences than those experienced by men. The studies say that women get drunk faster and diseases caused by alcohol is easier to attack a woman.
In this health article, we will try to outline some of bad effects that can be experienced when a woman consumes excessive alcohol. We hope this health article may provide a boost for you to reduce excessive alcohol consumption, or a reference for you to do a Private Addiction Treatment.
An alcoholic woman can suffer damage in her brain, especially in cognitive neurological function. This also occurs in alcoholic men. Alcoholic women have poor test results in problem solving, planning, terms of visual memory and cognitive flexibility skills. Besides damaging the nerves of the brain, alcohol also damages the liver.
The composition of water in the body of a woman less than men, the man’s body contained 65 percent water, while only 55 percent in women’s body. With less water composition makes women more easily intoxicated when consuming alcohol. Alcohol is absorbed into the blood and then carried by water into the cell. Caused the water in the body of a woman less make alcohol concentration in blood is higher even though they drank with same amount as men.
Although liver in women is not sensitive to alcohol, but a high concentration of alcohol in their body will make a woman more easily damaged liver than men. In addition, the enzymes that convert alcohol into an inactive material contain less in a woman. If a woman and a man have a same weight given a same amount of alcohol, blood alcohol levels in women are three times higher.
A bad effect of excessive alcohol consumption can lead to malnutrition and low body resistance to disease, as well as giving a bad effect on a woman’s appearance. Consumption of alcoholic beverages for women who are pregnant will damage their baby. This will influence on children’s cognitive abilities in the future. Not only cognitive problems of children born to a mother who consumed alcohol during pregnancy, the children will also experience problems with lack of attention and reaction.
Hopefully with this health article, Bad Effects of Excessive Alcohol Consumption in Women, it can be a boost for you for a healthy life by reducing the consumption of alcohol. For those of you who are addicted to alcohol, there is a good idea to visit the alcohol rehabilitation centers, such as Luxury Alcohol Rehab or Private Drug Rehab.

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